The first Vacation with a Newborn Baby

Even if everyday life with a baby always has new surprises in store, your circle is limited on some days to the less exciting route between the changing table, baby bed, and the local supermarket. It is entirely understandable that at some point, parents will feel the need to change their wallpaper. Time for the first vacation with a newborn baby! If you’ve got the travel bug, you will find six tips in this article on how your vacation can become a relaxed and relaxing experience, even with a small travel companion.

The first Vacation with a Newborn Baby

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When it is time to start the adventure holiday with a baby depends entirely on your personal feeling. After all, you know yourself and your baby, best of all. Some parents are concerned about going on vacation with a newborn baby because they don’t want to tear it out of their familiar surroundings.

They also suspect that it doesn’t notice much anyway. But a journey can be enriching for small babies. Your child may finally have both parents around him for a long time while on vacation. But even if you are traveling alone with your little explorer, a vacation is a beautiful strengthening of the parent-child bond, if you have all the time in the world away from your (job) everyday life to devote yourself to your darling.

The three-month mark is often given as a guideline for the first trip. During this time, you and your baby had enough time to work together. In the ideal case, your little explorer has already developed a recognizable sleep rhythm. It makes it easier for you to take your needs into account, even in an unfamiliar environment. Of course, this does not mean that traveling is not possible beforehand or that you cannot take your time on the first vacation with a newborn baby for a while. 


What applies to the time also applies to the optimal travel destination: In theory, anything is possible. Goals with a similar climate to those at home are particularly suitable for the first vacation with a newborn baby for three, as babies are not yet able to adapt so well to changing temperatures.

If you want to approach your travels with your little explorer slowly, a maximum of three to four hours’ journey is ideal. Well prepared and with the needs of your baby in mind, a long-distance trip is not a problem. No matter where you are going – your baby will learn that an unknown environment is not a bad thing and that it can explore it fearlessly. It will make it more open to new experiences in the future.


The first Vacation with a Newborn Baby

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Babies’ bodies cannot regulate their body temperature independently because their sweat glands are only weakly developed. For this reason, heat is painful for the little ones to cope with it. If you want to travel to a southern country, spring and autumn are good times: there are lovely warm days without the temperatures being too extreme. Summer vacation is also possible in states with more moderate climatic conditions. But remember always to protect your little explorer from direct sunlight.


A cozy retreat for your small family can contribute significantly to a successful vacation. The advantage of a hotel is that you don’t usually have to worry about food, cleaning, and laundry. A holiday home, on the other hand, offers more space and you don’t have to stick to fixed meals. So you are independent and can flexibly adapt the daily routine to your baby’s sleep rhythm. A camping holiday with a caravan or mobile home also allows full flexibility and is therefore well suited for traveling with children. Ultimately, it depends on your preference. It is best to clarify while booking the hotel or apartment of your choice is good to stay with a small child.


Have you decided on a destination and set the time of travel? Now it is only a matter of determining how your best trip—children up to and including the age of 5 travel free of charge. Flying with babies is also possible as long as the pediatrician has no objection. With many airlines, you don’t have to pay for your baby’s ticket if it sits on your lap during the flight. Traveling by car, on the other hand, has the advantage that you can easily stow prams and more in the trunk and thus have fewer restrictions on luggage. Sun protection for your baby is essential for the car journey. There are inexpensive solutions that you can easily attach to the car window, for example, with suction cups.


One thing is sure: traveling with a baby and with light luggage virtually excludes each other. It is best to find out in good time what is already available on-site so that you do not carry unnecessary things with you. For example, some hotels or guest houses provide a baby cot or baby monitors for rent.

If your baby is still breastfeeding, you already have the advantage of always having its food with you. By the way, did you know that breast milk tastes different due to the different diets abroad? If your child gets the bottle, it is best to pack their usual milk food. Even if there is undoubtedly an equivalent to buy on-site, you save yourself a lot of stress, for example, with short-term purchases directly after arrival or with foreign language labels.

The same applies to your favorite diapers: so that you don’t run out of diapers on vacation. How Many Newborn Diapers Do I need? With your favorite cuddly blanket, your favorite cuddly toy, or the music box that your baby falls asleep with every night in your luggage, you can create a feeling of security even in an unfamiliar environment. By the way: When you travel abroad, your little explorer needs a children’s passport, also within the EU. You can apply for it at your local citizens’ office and take it with you immediately (don’t forget your passport photo!).

Well prepared, nothing stands in the way of your first vacation with a newborn baby! Even if the thought of a crying baby on the train or plane and a felt truckload full of baby utensils in your luggage initially make you sweat, try to take it easy. Because when you are relaxed, it is (mostly) your baby.

We wish you a great first vacation with a newborn baby and a good rest!

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