Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?

Can sex harm in pregnancy? Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant? Is it dangerous for the unborn child? Or maybe even for the woman? For many couples, sex during pregnancy is anything but a matter, of course.

Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?

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Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?

Pregnancy changes many things for the parents-to-be – including their love life. Men, in particular, usually have fears which, according to experts, are entirely unfounded.

Being expecting is not an illness; Gentle sex is okay. Sex therapists speak that they mutually talk to each other, what they feel good, and how they feel like doing.


What makes it even harder is that many women are often unusually listless in the first few weeks. It has to do with nausea and tiredness of the early months.


Once this period is over, sex can be a particularly intense experience for expectant mothers: Their pelvis area is better supplied with blood and is, therefore, more sensitive. Experts say some pregnant women feel gorgeous.


A few pregnant women, on the other hand, do not feel attractive at all. Then partner should create some physical understanding with sensitivity and slight movements and show their partner that they find her beautiful even with a baby’s tummy.


Beware of these signs.

However, sometimes medical reasons speak against physical love. “If you are bleeding, it is batter to avoid sex,” warns a gynecologist. General caution is advised in the case of multiple pregnancies, vaginal infections, and a tendency to premature labor.


Even if the woman has suffered miscarriages in previous pregnancies, couples should proceed with caution. With these indications, you should not have sex without consulting your gynecologist. You should talk to your gynecologist about Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?


On the other hand, bleeding occurs after intercourse, it need not be serious. It can be contact bleeding, because the cervix, which is more strongly supplied with blood, reacts very sensitively to touch. However, Gynecologist recommends that bleeding that occurs for the first time should always be clarified. The gynecologist will define it and can decide the cause. “It’s fine for both partners.” At night or on weekends, don’t be afraid to go to the hospital for a check-up.


Bleeding after sex During Pregnancy

Due to the better blood circulation in the genital area, there is often slight bleeding after pregnancy. These are not always a cause for concern. It is usually so-called contact bleeding, which can also occur after a vaginal examination. The bleeding in the vaginal mucus comes from the well-perfused cervix. It is harmless and poses no danger to mother and child. Most of the time, they quickly fade away. If you have bleeding with an unclear cause, possibly associated with pain, you should always consult a doctor! or ready this article Is spotting and vaginal bleeding normal during early pregnancy?


Sex During Pregnancy- the child is well protected.

Fathers, in particular, are often worried that they could harm the unborn during sex during pregnancy. However, the child is well protected in the mother’s belly by the uterus, amniotic fluid, and the surrounding muscles, so that vibrations do not harm him. Even if the stomach becomes hard during orgasm and the uterus pulsates, the child is okay. Incidentally, anatomically, the man’s penis can’t penetrate to the baby.

An orgasm can trigger contractions.

By the way, if the baby doesn’t want to come into the world, sex is an essential tip to induce birth. Men Sperm encloses the hormones prostaglandin, which can persuade labor. Orgasms are also potential contractions triggers.


When a child is born, the parents’ lives are usually entirely turned upside down. Previous roles and habits in the relationship often become obsolete. It also applies to sex life. Both partners need time to find their way around in their new role as mothers or fathers. Besides, there are sometimes birth injuries such as a perineal tear or a cesarean section, which have to heal before sex can be considered.


The mother is busy with herself and the child, so she suffers less from a lack of sex than the father, explains Gynecologist. “Mothers release bonding hormones after birth and experience physical closeness through breastfeeding.” Besides, there are many new tasks – and of course, the obligatory lack of sleep. The therapist advises men to be patient, caring, and not demanding during this phase.


Men should talk about their fears.

But even if both are ready for intimacy again: it’s normal for sexuality to change with parenthood. All concerns should be addressed openly. If the partner signals that she feels prepared, the first fears usually disappear by themselves.

Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?

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A man should be conscientious while intercourse and women should clearly say what she feels good or what hurts.


In the weeks after giving birth, women often complain of pain in the perineum, vagina, or lower abdomen and therefore find the man’s penetration unpleasant. Therefore, gynecologist’s tip: “Couples can look for new ways in time that are good for both. After all, satisfaction is not only penetrating.

New parents shouldn’t go crazy when sexuality is on the back burner with their child.

When should you avoid sex during pregnancy?

In some cases, your gynecologist will advise against sex during pregnancy, for example, if it is a risky pregnancy. All in all, it may be necessary to forego sex in pregnancy in the following situations:

  • previous miscarriages or premature births
  • premature labor
  • premature opening of the cervix (tear band)
  • Loss of amniotic fluid
  • Placenta previa ( placental insufficiency )
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Bleeding
  • Infections

New forms of sex in pregnancy

Every woman feels different. Some enjoy sex during pregnancy from the beginning until shortly before birth. Others do not like it after the first 12 weeks because the chest and vagina are more sensitive to pain. Some pregnant women also no longer feel comfortable and attractive due to the increasing curves or feel that they are no longer attractive to their partner. It is also possible that the father-to-be is unsettled and is more sexually passive.


That being said, as mentioned above, sex during pregnancy cannot be advisable for medical reasons.


Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?


In such cases, you and your partner can try other forms of intimacy. Speak openly about your own wishes and get advice from a therapist, midwife, or your gynecologist about Is it bad to have too much sex while pregnant?

. Sex during pregnancy can have many sides – be creative and work with your partner to find a form of intimacy that you both can enjoy!

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