How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat?

Many parents are worried that their little newborn darling is not drinking enough. Especially on hot days, they give their babies additional fluid. How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat? What is the right amount of Breastmilk for your newborn baby, and when do the little ones need drinks in addition to the baby food?

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How much should my baby drink in the first few months?

In the first six months, your babies do not need any additional liquids in addition to breastfeeding or a bottle, since milk is mostly made up of water.

How Much Formula should a Newborn Eat ?

When your baby gets the bottle, you can use this information to determine the amount of liquid for baby food:

Baby’s age Amount of drink
per meal
Daily requirement Number of
Newborn 30 ml 200-250 ml 7-8 pieces
2nd week of life 50 ml 300-450 ml 7-8 pieces
3-4. Week of life 70-90 ml 500-650 ml 7-8 pieces
2nd month of life 100-140 ml 600-880 ml 6 pieces
3rd month of life 150-170 ml 760-860 ml 5 pieces
4th month of life 150-220 ml 760-900 ml 4-5 pieces
5th month of life 170-200 ml 660-810 ml 4 pieces
6th month of life 180-250 ml 560-750 ml 3 pieces

How often should my baby be breastfed?

Babies who are breastfed, healthy, and developing according to their age do not need to control the amount they drink, and whether your baby has drunk enough, you can tell by the number of diapers filled: six to eight are normal. It is ideal if you start by giving your baby at least eight to twelve breasts a day. Always let it drink when the chest demands and let it drink as long as it wants. As a rule, the little ones signal when they need liquid.

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How often and How much Breastmilk should a Newborn Eat?

A mom questions about How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat?

Question: my son is now 12 days old and is growing well. He demands the breast about every 2 – 3 hours.

 Since my milk is not enough, it is fed. Other children of old age sleep through the night or come once.

 Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?


Answer: no, never stick to fixed times. It is normal at the age that babies come so often, some come even more often. My little one came every hour with 12 days, also at night.

 What other children sleep through that age? These are absolute exceptions that a baby sleeps through at this age.

 Furthermore, I say that of 10 babies that mothers say sleeps through, only 4 speak the truth.

 Regarding the amount of milk as per your question How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat? Please follow the recommendation that is on your milk pack. If you give Pre or 1er milk, you give the amount according to age as many times a day as the child requests.

 If you only feed your child three times as you suggest at this age, he will probably go hungry in between.

What can my baby Drink?

When choosing baby drinks, make sure that they are as thirst-quenching and sugar-free as possible. Water and unsweetened teas (bag teas) are ideal.

  1. Tap Water

If you want to give your baby tap water, this water should contain as little lime as possible. You can inquire about the degree of hardness from your water supplier. You should also boil the water from the tap until you are six months old.

2. Mineral water

Mineral water is also suitable for drinking for the little ones. However, keep in mind that carbonic acid can lead to flatulence and attack the enamel.

3. Milk

Milk is a meal and not a drink! Therefore, it is not suitable as a liquid. You can find out more about our advisory article titled: Making Weaning from Breastfeeding Toddler.


4. Juices

They are not ideal as thirst quenchers because they have a high content of fructose and are therefore very high in calories. Also, the acidity in the fruit juices leads to a sore bottom. Fruit spritzers are better. Ideally, however, you do without sauces ultimately.

How much food does a baby need?

Babies grow an incredible amount in the first year of life. Their nutritional requirements are correspondingly high. There are quantities for orientation, but the baby knows best how much it needs, at least when the food is healthy and natural.

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If a baby is breastfed, the weight gain in the first half of life is usually very unremarkable, the child is continuously gaining weight, and you hardly have to worry about whether the baby eats enough and is adequately supplied with nutrients. It gets what it needs, and the amount and composition of breast milk are always adapted to current needs. If babies get the bottle or later eat complimentary food, more attention needs to be paid to this. 

The baby knows how much it needs!

Babies instinctively know what and how much food they need. It is essential to give the child this option too. When a child is full, they should never be urged to eat. On the other hand, you should not withdraw the bottle or breast from him early, because you think it already has enough. Excessive regulation in infancy and toddler age can lead to children later losing their sense of self and not being able to recognize when they are hungry or when they are full. It is often the first step into obesity.

Food Quantities Guide for your Newborn baby

In the first few months of life, when the baby is fed exclusively with breast or infant milk, there is a simple formula with which you can calculate the amount of milk your baby needs per day: 150 kg per kilogram of body weight. The total amount is distributed one about meals a day. However, it should be noted that this is only a rough guide. How much baby needs varies individually. Deviations in both directions are entirely standard.

Complimentary food for baby

Complimentary food is usually added from the second half of life. From the age of 6 months to the first birthday, the weight gain is around 100 grams per week. How much your child should eat during this period depends on many factors: how big is his appetite? How agile is it? Logically, sharp children need more food than sluggish babies, and some infants prefer to eat than others. Adhering too much to the target quantities is, therefore, somewhat unfavorable and can lead to the child’s natural needs no longer being perceived. How much complimentary food is eaten per meal also depends on whether your baby is still breastfeeding. Nursing children often eat part of the meal as porridge, but then always ask for their milk.

The following quantities can be used as a rough guide:

  • In the 6th to 7th month of life about 190 grams per meal
  • In the 8th to 10th month about 220 grams per meal
  • From the 11th month about 220 to 250 grams per meal

Always remember that your child drinks enough at every meal. Low-calorie and sugar-free drinks such as water or unsweetened tea are recommended.


How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat-mother

Does my baby get enough to drink – or maybe we even feed too much? This question is in the minds of many mothers who cannot or do not want to breastfeed. Determining the right amount of baby food is not that easy either. Because it varies with your baby’s age, weight, and appetite. Some children, like us, sometimes feel like eating more and sometimes less. It is entirely reasonable! If your baby doesn’t have a taste, you don’t have to force it to drink.

On the other hand, a little hungry man does not automatically need a bottle every time he cries. Just take care of your baby – soon, you will be able to interpret his signals correctly. It is only essential that you follow the packaging instructions of your milk food accurately when preparing the vial.



On average, babies weigh between 2.5 and 4.5 kilograms at birth. Your baby’s energy and nutritional needs are as individual as his birth weight. When you are breastfeeding, your baby determines the amount of milk. You can feed it as needed, which means that whenever it demands the breast, you can put it on. If your baby gets the bottle, the pack of your baby formula will give you orientation.

Note the drinking amounts and the number of bottle meals. Of course, these are only guidelines. Depending on their age and especially during developmental episodes, babies can drink significantly more, less or less than specified.

How much Breastmilk should a Newborn Eat?

A baby is allowed to drink as much breast milk and infant formula as it wants. The drinking amount is approximately 1/6 of the body weight. So if your baby weighs 4 kg, she would drink a total of approx—660 ml in 6-8 bottles. From a bodyweight of 6 kg, some babies drink up to 1000 ml.


Regarding to How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat? Just like breastfeeding, there is no fixed schedule for bottle feeding. Up to the age of three months, you should always feed your baby when it sends you clear hunger signals. In the first few weeks, your baby may ask for the bottle every two to three hours – this will do eight to twelve times within 24 hours. However, the amounts consumed at 30 to 60 ml per meal will probably be tiny. The bigger your baby gets, the longer the intervals between meals will be. Often, your baby’s drinking rhythm levels out at six to eight meals a day. And the amounts it consumes per vial are also increasing: with two months, it makes 80-120 ml with a meal, with four months then with 100-150 ml and with half a year with 120-180 ml. But again, these are only rough guidelines. Because, as with us adults, there are babies who simply have an enormous appetite and others for whom eating and drinking are simply not so important.


If you feed your baby with the bottle, you should have your baby weighed regularly, especially in the first weeks and months. It is possible, for example, at mother counseling or in the parent-child center. With the ongoing weight control, you can make sure that everything is in order, and your baby gets enough. If you change your baby’s wet diapers about six times a day and the baby is happy and happy overall, this is also an indication that everything is probably in the green area. Are you unsure? Then just talk to your midwife, doctor, or ask our experienced mom, Parents, or Baby Service. 

What if my baby eats too little?

If babies weigh significantly too little and eat too low, then this should be checked by the pediatrician. Sometimes infants are simply bad eaters and are physically thin and thin. However, there may also be an organic disorder. It should be clarified. In principle, however, the rule of thumb for small children is: don’t push your baby to eat, they know best when they have enough.

Also, children’s eating behavior consistently different. In a growth phase, they suddenly eat almost twice the healthy amount; then again, they are content with half. Pay attention to how fit and healthy your baby is. If it is agile, sleeps well, and makes a happy and robust impression, everything is usually in order – and with any weight!

How do I teach my baby to drink?

From the age of complementary foods, you can offer your baby a drink with a porridge meal, so it gets used to the taste. Newborn babies between the 10th and 12th month of age are ready to learn to drink from a mug. If your baby can safely hold objects in your hands, you can start training. There are individual sippy cups for this, so-called drinking learning cups.

Your sweetheart newborn baby can suck the liquid out of the cup using the attachment. Most sippy cups also have a handle, making it easier for your baby to hold the mug. Practice gradually drinking independently with the little ones. The first attempts at drinking will certainly not go smoothly, so we recommend starting with a bit of liquid first.

So that learning to drink is linked to positive experiences, stop when the little ones are no longer thirsty. Besides, drink to your child and show how delicious the drink is. After all, what mom tastes like has to be good. 😉

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