Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy

With pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes a hormonal change. This can lead to pregnant women feeling more quickly listless. Here we will discuss the Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy. The thought of sex can seem exhausting. Many couples know the situation that the woman – sometimes also the man – has less desire during pregnancy. Many women still enjoy caresses and touches. This is also part of sexuality.

Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy

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The desire for sex decreases in the first and last trimester of pregnancy

It is entirely normal for women to feel less sexual desire, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy. With the hormonal changes, the desire for sex also changes. Tiredness and discomfort reduce interest in lovemaking because the body releases less dopamine.

In the second third of pregnancy, the desire often increases again. This is due to the increased blood flow to the genitals and the feeling of being particularly feminine. Towards the end of pregnancy, the fat baby belly usually makes everyday life more difficult, and pregnant women feel exhausted more quickly, which again reduces lust. Sometimes men also have less desire. They are afraid of harming the baby or are so intensively occupied with the future that they have other things on their mind. This is also quite normal.

Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy

There are no dangerous Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy. An open conversation about your lust is essential. Many women find the stimulation of swelling breasts unpleasant. Men cannot know this. Speak about such things openly!

But sexuality does not only mean making love. Caressing, cuddling, massaging, and cuddling can also be very satisfying. Many women enjoy these caresses during pregnancy.

Sex with baby belly: Important tips

Sex during pregnancy – is that possible? Are there dangers for the baby, and is physical love still possible once the female body has changed so much? We answer these and other questions here!

Can sex during pregnancy be dangerous?

During pregnancy, many women often implore themselves, whether they are allowed to have sex. If the pregnancy is free of complications, the answer is a clear ‘Yes!


Women who have already had a miscarriage or who suffer from bleeding, for example, must be careful with sex during pregnancy. In such cases, or if you are not sure, you should always talk to your trusted gynecologist.


So for healthy pregnant women, sexual intercourse is not a problem at all. The baby does not feel disturbed by sex during pregnancy, and even if it is severely shaken, it lies well protected, cushioned in the uterus by the amniotic fluid. However, the body’s adjustment can still affect sexual life.


Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy and pleasure

How much interest there is in sleeping with your partner during pregnancy, it varies from woman to woman. The Berlin Charité found out in a study that expectant parents sleep with each other on average 1.5 times a week.


Hormonal changes can cause the desire for sex to become more intense. The pelvic floor, for example, now has better blood circulation. As a result, some women experience sex more intensively than usual.


However, it is also possible that the woman wants less sex or no sex at all during pregnancy. This often has something to do with the change in the body and that they no longer feel so sexy. Morning sickness, indisposition, and dizziness also contribute to the unwillingness to have sex.


When it comes to Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy, just as with non-pregnant sex, there is no normal or abnormal, just do what you like and talk openly with your partner to avoid misunderstandings.

Conversations that make you want to

If the sexual desire only diminishes with one partner, this can be a cause for an offense to the others. To increase lust, you should consider together what you liked most about sex before pregnancy. Or was there something you would like to change?

How do you see your role as mother and father, and can lust exist alongside it? An open conversation about these topics will help you to find psychological reasons for listlessness. Variety can also be helpful. Enjoy your sexuality in new places, tell each other your fantasies and create relaxed moments of togetherness, such as when you take a bath together or apply lotion to your body.


Do not lose contact with each other.

Pregnant women have less desire for sex is completely normal. Passion can also be reduced in the father-to-be. Talk about your feelings, exchange your wishes, and continue to be tender with each other. Cuddling and stroking can become more important during pregnancy than the actual sex.


Why sex in pregnancy can be healthy

Sex during pregnancy is usually completely normal.

Sex during pregnancy is – according to a recent examination – usually absolutely normal and safe. Nothing can generally happen to the child if a woman has sexual intercourse while she is pregnant. The baby lies safe and protected in the mother-to-be’s stomach, and neither an invading penis nor sex toys can harm it. Masturbation is also no problem.You should also know about Till which month sex is safe in pregnancy. Pregnancy sex can even be extremely intense and very pleasurable. Moreover, it is usually healthy for the mother and the child.


Why can sex be healthy for pregnant women?

We all know: an orgasm is very relaxing. Even though a completely healthy pregnancy is associated with many changes and even more stress for the woman, any kind of relaxation is naturally beneficial. At the same time, the adrenaline that is produced in the body during sex releases new energy. Overall, intensive sex life in pregnant women leads to a more balanced, relaxed mood, which, of course, also has an indirect positive effect on the baby in the belly. During orgasm, the messenger substance oxytocin is also released. This is said to have a calming effect and can even relieve pain.


Reason enough, therefore, to use the dance of hormones during pregnancy, not only to feel a lot of pleasure but also to stay healthy. Only in the case of a high-risk pregnancy is caution required and consultation with a doctor necessary. Sex during pregnancy should be avoided as a matter of principle if, for example, previous miscarriages or premature births, placental insufficiency, or even multiple pregnancies have occurred, to name just three examples. If this is the case, men and women should instead confine themselves to the exchange of tenderness and cuddling with each other for safety during pregnancy.

he best sex positions for sex during pregnancy


First of all, sex during pregnancy can be quite normal, and no particular sex positions are necessary.

However, when the abdominal girth has increased, many couples will find a suitable position that does not hinder them.

Many couples prefer the spoon position, it is comfortable, and the belly does not interfere.

Doggy-style sex is also possible during pregnancy, as long as the woman does not suffer from back pain.

There are also no problems with the baby’s tummy when the rider is in the saddle position. Here you can vary. So you can do the riding position in crouching position or with the back to your partner – this is called reverse cowgirl.


When having sex during pregnancy, basically all sex positions are allowed, which are still possible in this state, do not hurt the woman, and are fun. Whether couples are in lust or not: If there is no explicit prohibition by the doctor, expectant mothers and fathers can indulge in their desire without worries and perhaps discover completely new sides to their shared sexuality.


Does the baby feel something during sex?

Somehow the baby is already involved when the expectant parents have sex. And sex in threesomes has a different quality than what we’re used to. This is also a little foretaste of the future – the child will become a permanent part of your life.


Many pregnant couples are anxious when it comes to sex during pregnancy. But there is no need to worry. Safe in the womb and the amniotic sac, the unborn child, will not even feel it when the penis enters the vagina. Under no circumstances can the baby be injured.


Aids such as lubricants or vibrators can be used during pregnancy in the same way as before. And there are very few situations in which your doctor will have to advise you against sexual intercourse on medical grounds.


If necessary, insecure men can be shown this by a schematic drawing of the woman’s internal pelvic organs: The uterus has a neck towards the vagina, in front is the cervix. This ring muscle is tightly closed and has only a millimeter-fine opening before birth.

There is no hard Consequences of not having sex during pregnancy, it depends on the feeling of your partner.Also there is nothing wrong having sex during pregnancy. You can let’s us know your suggestions by commenting us.

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