Things Moms Love to Hear from other Moms 

As a mom, you often hear comments that don’t feel particularly good – whether from your own family, friends or even strangers. How nice it is when you get a big, wide grin on your face with just one sentence. Every mom would probably like to hear these sentences – and maybe does it now and then? Let’s check Things Moms Love to Hear.

Things Moms Love to Hear from other Moms

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Our second child was born, my husband and I decided that I take a pause from my job and focus on taking care of the kids for a while. Being someone who is absorbed and happy with her career, the decision made me uncomfortable during the first few months but I was able to adjust eventually. Thanks to the joys I have experienced from taking care of the children and the assurance that my husband has been giving me that I can catch up with my career eventually, I have enjoyed being a “full time” mom. Although some moms would see this as an inhibition for their individual growth, personally speaking, I see it otherwise. This is because by being focused on my “full-time mom career”, I have achieved a lot of milestones I motherhood which I think I won’t be able to do so had I chose to go on with my job.

Things Moms Love to Hear

Years into being a full-time mom and I have met a lot of mothers who are in the same shoes as I am. I have found them in grocery stores, coffee shops, playhouses, the park, waiting area for parents at school, recitals, name it. Meeting these wonderful like-minded individuals has allowed me to realize that as mothers, we have a lot of things in common- experiences, joys, and yes, problems. And we find comfort knowing that there are moms out there who share the same experiences like ours. Let me share with you seven Things Moms Love to Hear from moms alike.

Things Moms Love to Hear:

Things Moms Love to Hear from other Moms-Pregnant women

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1. Your kid is great.

Not even her favorite music can surpass the joy that a mom would feel whenever a mom hears words of admiration for her kid from other people. As a full-time mom, she has invested a lot, even sacrificed her progress perhaps, career-wise, to focus on taking care of the kids; thus this remark can simply mean that she is doing well on taking care and motivating her kid to excel.

2. I don’t know how you do it, but that was pretty amazing.

As a mom, I have used this remark for a dozen of times already. It always amazes me whenever I see other moms managing three or more kids’ time while overseeing some barbecue cooking at the same time. Whenever I tell other moms these words of admiration, a lot of them would tell me that it takes a lot of effort and understanding to be able to do that. Also, they too give me tips, and I must say these tips have been very useful. Thanks to all the veterans in the field!

3. Is it good?

Ever I’m in the grocery and I see moms pick up products which I have never tried, I ask them if those are good or effective. And I tell you, these moms can give unbiased opinions which are way better than the online product reviews in the amazon! Asking a fellow mom’s opinion on something-may it is a toothpaste brand or the number of minutes her home-made pizza spends is like telling her that you value her judgment on things and would love to hear her personal experience with these products. And moms love talking about these, so go ask that magic question!

4. How about we go get something while the kids are busy?

Nothing can make a mom happier than knowing that someone understands that she needs a break once in a while- even if that break means no more than a one minute trip to the vending machine, moms would treasure it. A pause from the daily routine of taking care of the kids can help moms recharge and relax, and who wouldn’t love that, right?

5. You are looking good. 

Things Moms Love to Hear from other Moms

Telling fellow moms that they still appear attractive despite all the going on of motherhood is like telling them that they’ve just won the lottery jackpot. We may not admit it but by nature, we women are very particular with how we look. Appreciating a mom’s beauty is giving her the assurance that she’s doing well at taking care of the kids and herself too. On some days we mum feel like we’ve been on earth for 150 years. And as if we hadn’t slept for 150 hours. And when we look in the mirror, we see a tired, crumpled face – even better when someone says what is really going on: that we look great. That the new dress looks great on us. That our hairstyle is awesome. Yes, mum love compliments too.

6. Leave it, I’ll do it for you!

No matter whether it’s about clearing the table, vacuuming the living room or changing the baby’s diapers. You may also read How Many Newborn Diapers Do I need? If a mother can just sit with a cup of coffee because someone else is taking on these imaginary little things, he will swiftly have a stone on her board. Because let your legs dangle and just do nothing for a short time, that’s probably rarely possible with mums. It’s great when spontaneous helpers step onto the floor.

7. You have really great children! You seem to be doing a really good job!

Thank you! Because yes, all children can be terrible at times, and we mum know that too. We don’t see the world in pink glasses when it comes to our children – or maybe a little, but we keep putting them off. And that is exactly why we do not always want to hear only what is not suitable for our children (“Jonas still needs diapers? Susi has gotten quite chubby. The Quirin is pretty cheeky”). We have great children and we like to hear that.

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