Newborn Baby Photography Tips with Smartphone 

With your toddler, you will experience exciting moments that you would like to capture and preserve. You don’t necessarily need a bulky professional camera; the camera functions of most smartphones are also quite impressive. Also practical: the smartphone is usually quickly pulled out and, therefore, ideally suited to capture spontaneous moments with your little explorer. In this article, we are going to reveal best Newborn Baby Photography Tips of small children and reveals what you should pay attention to when taking photos with your smartphone.

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Sweet newborn baby girl with headband sleeps on small wooden crib.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips with Smartphone

Here are the five best Newborn Baby Photography Tips for you to take photos with your smartphone.


The most important tip for successful photos: sufficient light. It is best to photograph your toddler during the daylight. In the direction of the sun, so that the light source is behind the camera. Too little light, on the other hand, quickly makes images appear blurry. Regarding the light conditions, our photographer Sven recommends:

  • Natural light is always softer and more pleasant in color. In proper lighting conditions, don’t use the built-in flashlight on your mobile phone.
  • Pay attention to diffuse light: If you are outside with your toddler, a slightly cloudy sky is the best prerequisite for a great portrait. Hard sunlight casts unpleasant shadows on the face. When there are no clouds in the air, a shady spot is a perfect place for a beautiful picture.
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Adorable newborn baby in a beige bonnet swaddled in a white wrap sleeping tightly on furry surface.


The practical thing about taking photos with a smartphone: the user interface is easy to use, and no complicated settings are necessary to achieve a beautiful photo result. Sven mainly uses three settings for good pictures:

  • HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it means that in severe lighting conditions (e.g., backlighting), three photos with different exposure are created and then combined. It reduces overexposure and prevents excessive contrasts. This setting is helpful in backlighting.
  • Newer phones offer the live picture mode. This setting is particularly valuable for active toddlers who rarely standstill: the live image mode creates a short film that you can edit in your “Photos” gallery. There you can pull out individual pictures from the produced film, edit them and save them as a single picture.
  • Pay attention to focus and exposure: Most smartphone cameras automatically focus on the center of the photo. If your little explorer is somewhere else in the picture and you want to focus on him, tap on the corresponding place on the screen. By the way, you not only focus on this, but you can usually also change the exposure by pressing the screen for a longer time.
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Sweet cute baby girl sleeping on her belly in rustic massive basket, on furry pillow


Perspectives offer you the opportunity to make your pictures exciting and dynamic. Aspect and detail ultimately determine the story of the image. It is, therefore, best to think about the perspective and the environment in which you want to capture your little explorer before you take a picture.

  • Your child doesn’t always have to look at the camera. When playing, laughing, or discovering, there are particularly documentary recordings in which you take an observing perspective. It is best to pick up your toddler at eye level from a slight distance or even from a slightly hidden position. So your little explorer is not distracted from taking pictures.
  • Unfortunately, zooming is not a perfect solution for many smartphones to choose the optimal image section, since this mostly affects the quality of the image. You, therefore, pick the first image section better by changing your position.
  • The depth of the image gives your photos excitement. The further your toddler is from the photo background, the more depth of field the model has. The contrast between your little explorer in the image focus and the blurring of the background automatically makes the image appear more vivid than a “flat” image with a short distance to the background.
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Sweet swaddled kid napping on a massive yellowish furry pillow, half unwrapped, headband


New pictures often seem emotionless and a bit cool. Sven, therefore, recommends loosening up the image with some utensils:

  • The favorite toy in your child’s hand, the lively children’s room instead of the white wall as a photo backdrop, or the leaves of a plant that stand out in the foreground: These and other utensils make your photos look more attractive. No great effort is required for this. Bet that you will discover many objects in your everyday life that have the potential to be a photo accessory?


Especially with an active toddler, it can be challenging to take the “perfect” photo according to your ideas. Your little explorer certainly has his head. 🙂 Sven’s most important tips at the end are:

  • A calm portrait in a particular pose is difficult to do with toddlers, and posed pictures do not necessarily reflect your child’s character. Instead, try more times to capture the moment with the camera in informal and relaxed situations. On daddy’s shoulders, splashing around in the garden or digging in a sandpit: You will surely remember these everyday situations for years to come. All the better if you have a great photo of this “perfect” moment!
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sweet sleeping newborn baby girl

Do you want to capture the first moments with your little miracle forever? With a professional baby shoot, you can create loving memories of your newborn. We give you Newborn Baby Photography Tips on how the baby shoot can be done without a problem, when the optimal time is and how much a photo shoots with the baby costs.

Here are a few more professional Newborn Baby Photography Tips.

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sweet sleeping newborn baby girl in shell from egg

Newborn Baby Photography Tips: What you should consider

  • An essential thing in baby photography is that the baby feels comfortable in the photo studio and during the photoshoot. If the baby is happy and sleeps a lot, the photographer can easily take pictures. We have tips for you on how to prepare for the baby photo shoot in the studio.
  • Breastfeed your baby in the studio: To ensure that the baby sleeps a lot during the shooting, you should not breastfeed her at home but in the studio. Then the baby will be full and happy during the shoot.
  • Create a familiar atmosphere: The baby may become restless in the studio because he doesn’t know the environment. Therefore take a familiar blanket, dummy, and toys with you so that the baby feels comfortable.
  • Loose clothing: Dress your baby in baggy clothes. It will make it easy for you to change.
  • Take personal items with you: Bring things you would like to have in the photograph, such as baby shoes, a hand-knitted blanket, or a cuddly toy. It makes the photo more personal.
  • Bring a baby bag: For the photoshoot, bring a baby bag with diapers, bottles, and spare baby clothes. You can take snacks for you and your companion. The photoshoot can last up to four hours.
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Sweet baby boy in bear overall, sleeping in bed with teddy bear stuffed toys, winter landscape behind him

We hope that the Newborn Baby Photography Tips of our  photographer will help you to capture the most beautiful moments with your toddler with the camera.


And if a photo doesn’t work right away: press the camera several times. The more pictures you take, the higher the probability that a beautiful picture will be included. 🙂 We hope you enjoy trying it out!

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