Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide

Baby photography is full of surprising things, especially if you are not a father or mother yourself. In this Guide, I have compiled a list of Newborn baby photography props that help you a lot. I am sure that these can be useful for everyone. Of course, every photographer will have his style and way of approach. But I am sure that these tips and background information can be useful for every newborn baby photographer.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Sweet baby boy in bear overall

Two types of Newborn baby photography

There are two types of baby photography. One is in a studio, and the other is in the baby’s natural environment. Both models have their charms, and I like both. The most important thing is to clarify with the customer beforehand which variation he prefers. This way, you avoid unpleasant surprises during or after the photoshoot.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Little baby boy in blue bonnet sleeps on blue knitted blanket

Newborn baby in a photo studio with posing

Baby Photography in the studio offers you as a photographer more space for experiments and different light setups. With newborns, the shooting should take place in the first two weeks of life. The baby is then still very sleepy and can be positioned well. Only a few weeks later, the baby becomes more active, fidgety, and is less easily “decorated” with the fashionable baby accessories. The focus in a studio setting is clearly on making sure that the baby looks perfect. Typically, the baby is wrapped in a cuddly blanket, and a hat or headband is put on. If the baby is then still lying in a basket or box, the picture is already almost perfect.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

A baby photography session in a photo studio can last up to 4 hours. It includes feeding and breaks – maybe someone needs to go to the potty. The post-processing of the pictures in Photoshop can again take a lot of time.

Lifestyle Baby Photography

The somewhat looser approach is lifestyle baby photography. The shooting usually takes place at home or together with the family somewhere outside. Here too, the baby may be brought into certain poses. The primary goal is to take pictures of the baby in its familiar environment as naturally as possible. The lifestyle baby photography fascinates me again and again. It’s just great to photograph such a small miracle and the joy of family members. Sometimes I also have the feeling that you can see the closeness of the parents to the baby – even in the baby pictures that are created. Baby photography at home takes place a little later than with newborns. Usually, the babies are at least six weeks old. So the mother and the baby have already recovered well from the birth and have settled in at home.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Newborn baby girl sleeps on wooden box

A lifestyle baby photography session lasts 1-2 hours maximum. This time is enough to capture a few beautiful moments. The time with a baby flies by, even for parents, and the memory becomes foggy with time. It is a privilege as a baby photographer to turn such intimate moments into memories that last.

Newborn baby photography props accessories

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

sweet sleeping newborn baby girl

It is best to pack the necessary things the evening before and regularly use a small checklist so that you do not forget anything (especially if you have a memory like me …).

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Here is my packing list for Newborn baby photography props:

  • Camera and backup camera
  • Formatted memory card
  • Lenses (wide angle and macro)
  • Loud and fun children’s toys
  • Posing bean bag for newborns
  • Background Stand and Brackets
  • Space heater
  • Step stool
  • Positioning / breastfeeding pillow
  • Waterproof upholstery / crib(to catch the worst)
  • Your own clothes to change (in case an accident happens)
  • Large blankets for backgrounds
  • Small blankets
  • Hats and headbands
  • Enough loud music to create a good mood and drown out the sound of the lock.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Since a baby photography session can take up to four hours, you should eat enough beforehand. Bringing a small picnic would be a variant. However, you run the risk that the customer will not be able to tolerate the taste (some cannot smell bananas, for example). Since it can also get a little warm with the room heating, you should wear light and comfortable clothes. Some photographers also take a mat with them, as they often take photos on their knees. That should also work with the blankets brought along.

During the Newborn baby photography props: Let the baby inspire you

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Sleeping newborn boy in a basket

Inspiration is everywhere. Maybe you will receive some Pinterest baby photos from the customer in advance, which will tell you a lot about your preferred picture style. In any case, it is important to have a few baby poses in mind before the shooting. But not everything has to be planned. I think the best baby pictures are unplanned and inspired by the uniqueness of each baby. Whether it’s little dimples, big ball eyes, full lips, or the fuzzy head that inspires you… try to show the beauty of the baby in the right light.

Newborn baby photography inspiration

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

sleeping newborn boy in a hat with a hare

Be with the baby! Let it move, yawn, and stretch. Babies have so many wonderful, perfect and sweet moments. The perfect pose is considered less relevant than the right moment. But when you bring the baby into a pose, make sure that the hand is open. This can be a little complicated. But open hands in the picture give a peaceful feeling.

Newborn baby photography tips hands

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Newborn baby girl with flower headband

Encourage the mother to get in front of the camera

After I gave birth to my last baby, standing in front of the camera was probably the last thing I wanted. Getting ready for the camera, some make-up and the right clothes is simply too much for many mothers. So I know how difficult it is to get the mom in front of the camera.

Baby photography mother love

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

A mother loves her baby so much that she spends days and nights taking pictures. She wants to capture every moment, whether the baby is awake or sleeping, yawning, being bathed, eating, playing with her siblings or cuddling with her dad. In time, there will be countless baby photos. But the sad reality is that the mother is hardly ever in a picture herself. In all the family events she is simply forgotten as a “baby photographer”. Tell the mother precisely that. She will appreciate it later to have some enjoyable baby pictures of herself and her baby. Make the shooting and the poses with the mother as easy as possible. She may still feel uncomfortable or even in pain after the birth or surgery. So be gentle and empathetic, this is crucial.

Siblings Photography Timing

If the baby has an older brother or sister, sibling shots have first priority for me. The kids are excited about your visit! Unfortunately they don’t have the attention span to sit still and wait until they are called for the shoot. So use the children’s initial curiosity and energy and does the sibling shoot with certain poses right at the beginning.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Babies Crawling AwayAs soon as the interest wanes, they disappear quite quickly. Normally, however, they reappear a second time. This is then the right moment for lifestyle shootings. Let the children play and act normal.


Baby photography siblings

If you still don’t really want to… the prospect of sweets or an ice cream can be magical! As long as Mom and Dad are okay with it, of course. A sibling shooting complements baby photography wonderfully – just try it out.

Be flexible, safe, and calm


One thing I learned when I became a parent is that the baby is always the boss – no matter how much supposed control I have. The same goes for baby photography. If the baby doesn’t want to go to sleep after the posing (even if you’ve tried everything), just keep going with Lifestyle Baby Photography. Try to catch some great pictures when the mother rocks the baby to sleep. Be open for what the situation will bring. Baby photography shoots don’t always go according to plan – but that could be the best thing that could happen to you.

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Safety on the Baby Photography Set

Apart from the necessary flexibility, you should also pay attention to security. The most important thing is that you learn enough about baby photography safety before you start. Many traditional poses are associated with light setups (spotter). Make sure that the baby is safe by not having any cables on the floor that you could trip over or knock over a tripod. Keep the baby safe!


Baby photography safety on set tips

Newborn Baby Photography Props and Guide-baby-Photoshot

Don’t give up

Don’t give up; everyone has their learning curve in baby photography. I remember my first attempts at snowboarding. When I came back, my friend said I had to try it at least 5 times before I gave up. Because the learning curve is steep and it gets easier. It’s the same with baby photography. My first baby photo shoot really got me down – but I’m glad I didn’t give up. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to experience all the beautiful moments today.  Of course I hope that my tips will support you in your plans – and I wish you good luck! You can do it!


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